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Zhen Siang, Zack
20 , Belongs To Baby
25 February 1988
ITE College East Simei ( Multimedia )
Friendly and Outgoing


Get car/bike license.
Change new handphone.
LCD Screen.
Home Theatre.
Learn to play guitar.

Monday, May 3, 2010
Back to blog.

My blog is dead for so long. Now i decided to blog some things about my life now. There's a lot of things happen around mi these few months. There's good and bad. But i rather nothing happen. ='(
My loved one left mi. Hoping she will come back to mi again. This few weeks, I'm lifeless, soulless. Friends around mi trying to cheer mi up, but it don't works. Sadly, this long weekends i can only either rot at home or meet my buddies. They tried hard to occupy my times but my mind isn't there. I dunno wad i did wrong, i feel that she keeps avoiding mi. I keep telling myself that because she's busy on work, projects; eg. Sigh. Things don't wish to happen, it still happen for some reasons. I know that things won't go smoothly as what i want.

I really dunno what to do le. Can someone tells mi? cant get to sleep at night. My mind keep thinking lots of things. Try to think of something to keep close to her. Hoping next satuarday can meet her, but i got duty. Feeling so regret signing on. I got no one to talk to, so left with no choice, type it out so that i feel better. So fast, now sunday alr. Time to book in, staying at home everyday hoping she will call and wants to meet mi. Sadly no......

Monday, April 27, 2009
Happy 17th Birthday Baby!

I stay at baby's house on sat night. Accompany her doing homework. Today afternoon, we woke up at 2. Baby's mum cooked bee hoon for us to eat. Den i go home bath and change.
Den headed back to baby's house to meet her family.
You know why? Because we are celebrating Baby's Birthday. Had dinner at M Hotel, "The Buffet".
Its a classy restaurant. It cost abt 30plus per pax. We ate crabs, prawns and so on. Until we bloated. Haha. I peeled prawns for baby. Normally she's the one peeling for mi. I must make her feel happiness, so from now on, i will do it for her. =D
After dinner, went back to her house. We watched hong xin da jiang awhile den baby start to do her homework. Den i went off to meet dict,boon,jw and ben to discuss abt tml's event.
So careless and blur of mi, i took the time wrongly 12.43 to 11.43.
And i din wish baby for her birthday. Baby hint mi 2 time. When i realised, she is very angry and hang up the call. And i keep calling her, i heard her crying.

Baby, i'm so careless, blur and forgetful. To hurt you.
I know you're disappointed in mi.
Because u will wait til the time strike 12 and first to wish mi.
And i failed to do so.
Baby, i promise there wont be another time.
Will you forgive my foolish act?
I'm sorry that i too concentrated on the event and necglect you.
I'm really really sorry that i hurt you.
When i heard you cry, my heart is also aching.

Monday, April 6, 2009
Baby is back!

Okay. Lets start from ytd. Ytd i went to work at 12. In the afternoon, customer ordered lobster SSM and wanted the lobster to cook with the soup. Before the lobster soup was rdy, customer billed and went off. I got lobster soup for lunch! LOL. The soup is very sweet. Its good. I shared it with wei teck. And got unagi and fried unagi egg for lunch. Den wei teck went home at 5. He worked morning. Den called ah boon and bros up for tonight's gathering. And den mi and boon top 5 bucks for jw's car petrol. But in the end too many cars. Ah dict manage to get car, and ben also. Den we go play mahjong. I lose abit only. Went for supper at kovan there. Abit regret i ordered pig leg. LOL. Its 6 bucks man.... total is 8.90. T.T So expensive. Den go back to tampines.

Today woke up at 6.35pm. LOL!~ Wad a long sleep. Received msg from baby, saying she coming back abt 8. So i went to brushteeth, bath all this and go find her. Went tamp spectacle hut to ask something den go baby's house. Whole family at home. Baby bought mi a yellow Polo T for mi. Thanks baby. And she got herself a yellow off-shoulder top also. Baby also bought some snacks for my mummy. So sweet wor. Haha. Den i pei her until 10.30 den go home le. Now finish blogging le den i go sleep le. bye. Photos will be uploaded soon.

Sunday, April 5, 2009
2nd day...

Today, baby's not by my side. Misses her much. Woke up around 3, dota awhile and had my lunch/dinner. Den called boon and meet him at 7. But took mrt at 7.30... LOL. As usual, drag....
Den waited for jw and ken at parklane. Sky was delayed by something, so we L4D for awhile. 5 ppl. Hard to play la. So we played versus mode. After that my phone rings. Baby called! She uses her father hp to call mi. So happy that see call la. But i was playing, so she ask mi to finish first den call her back. Sky came, no com near us. So we decided to leave. Its abt 10plus... I call baby back, den chat for few mins. She bought mi shirt, i'm looking forward... Haha. 2 more days to go. Den after slacking awhile, ah boon send violet home. Left mi, sky, jw and ken. They wants to play pool, so we go play for 2 hours. Jw beat ken using one hand. LOL! Poor ken. Den we go eat cup noodles and off we go. Tired le. got to sleep le. Tml working. Miss you baby!

Saturday, April 4, 2009
Back again...

My blog is growing spider webs. Okay. First of all, today is my 8th month anniversary with my baby. Went to meet her up and accompany her home today. She packed her back and den wash up and go off. Today went to cafe cartel for early dinner at PS. The pictures will be uploaded soon. And went out to shop for my cap and pants. Bought everything at Far East with baby. She choose for mi. =D Den went to meet ah boon and violet for L4D at parklane. Violet went to withdraw money, and her card is being retain. Sway. The card came out abit only. Hard to take out. Den the atm retain her card. Went to L4D straight and finally.... Violet and baby dunno how to play, so we guided them. And we pass the normal stage with the sole survivor, mi! LOL!~ The rest deceased. After gaming, went to ps play kiap kiap. Not as lucky as last sat. Din catch any. Its okay, just the process of fun is enough. Den send baby home. She start ed pack everything, wait for his big brother to come back. And she went off to KL le. I see her off at 1am den took cab home.

To baby:
1st hour w/o ur smses and calls.
It will be feeling so weird and uneasy.
And will continue for 3 days.
May be worried abt you during night.
Cant get to sleep?
Baby, Enjoy your trip!
Although i will miss you but its just 3 days.
Its gonna be fast.
Love you, honey!

Monday, February 16, 2009
Valentines' Day

This year, i celebrate valentines' day with baby!
I woke up at 10 on sat morning.
Went to sky's mum flower shop with jw to pick up our flowers.
Although it was a long trip, but i feel that its worth it and the flowers are nice and beautiful.
I'm afraid that i will be late, so i decided to take bus and drop halfway and cabbed to baby's house.
When im on cab, found out tat baby juz woke up. She overslept. Haha.

Den i reach her doorstep, i hid the flowers with melody behind my back.
And she open the door, i cant present the flowers properly becoz brownie and bobo.
Keep barking and jumping at mi. LOL!
Den went to her bedroom, she took out the present she bought for mi.
She bought a belt at town with some opinions from xt and chewy.
Thanks baby!

The belt baby bought, i love it!

Tulips with melody!!

Den wait for baby to prepare and make up.
Off we go.....

Took while waiting for lift
When we reached vivo, i told baby i shld get Sanio Membership Card if any. HAHA!
We went to sit cable cars and Sentosa.
This is my first time taking cable car.
And abit fear of heights.
Den i hold tightly on the bars.
Den i had a stupid face. Haha!
Baby kept laughing at mi.
Some photos we took after we reached sentosa.After walking awhile, because the humid and hot weather, we decided to take cable car back.
I told baby tat next time we come back again and take photos.

This is the pictures while going back to vivo.

We went to Whit Dog Cafe to make reservation at 9pm because alot ppl.
Den went down to Funan IT mall to get baby's disc. Fanrenheit's new album.
After that, we went for dinner at White Dog Cafe.
I gave it a 4/5 for food, 1/5 for ambience and 4/5 for service.

At first, we din get to sit seaview seats.
Den nvm, because im working as service too.

This is the photos we took at Whit Dog Cafe!
My stupid face. Haha!
Baby's Pacific Dory Fish!

Honey's Chicken Mango!
The Clam Chowder Soup.
Soft shell Crab! Better than sushitei!

After the dinner, we wanted to go rooftop of Vivo city to sweet sweet.
But den alot ppl on top sweet sweet also. No choice.
Cannot romantic. T.T

After awhile, den i send baby home le.

Baby, what i said that night to you its true from bottom of my heart. I'm sorry if i made you angry just now. I should not neglect things that is important. You are my first gf who celebrate all the occasions with mi. And you are the first girl, i gave flowers to. That shows how important you are to me. Although sometimes we do quarrel. I believe that will make us know each other more and give in to each other. I know the what i'm not good at. I'm trying to change for the sake of you. Because what i do, it involves both of us and the future. And lastly, Baby I Love You!
No matter what, i will nv give you a cold shoulder but a shoulder for you to rely on!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009
6 Month Anniversary!

Today is our special day. So i skipped my lessons today to fetch baby. Went to her house to wait for her. Den headed to Tampines de Shop&Save to buy some ingredients for tonight's cooking. This is my first time i fried the prawns and chicken cutlets. Baby cook tofu with vegetables, fried potatos and Japanese rice. Haha. The kitchen is in the mess. Around 7plus, my mummy came home and was shocked. She helped us with our cookings. Haha. After the cooking, den we washed up the things. Baby's de rice put too much water, den abit watery. But still can eat. Haha. After the dinner, we watched tv awhile and send baby home. Below is a picture we took.

Baby, thanks for being by my side this 6 months. Thanks for your understanding.
This will continue forever. My feelings for you will never fade. =)
This month is very special to me because we cook together and eat together like a family. =D
Love you,